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Using your Omani mobile number you can create an account and start using eBinaa free of charge

You can click on forget password to receive a new OTP message and re-enter your password

Contact eBinaa via phone or whatsapp on 77553010

Contact eBinaa via phone or whatsapp on 77553010

Remove your email from your profile details to stop receiving project notifications

Yes, sign up and create an account as a regular user, then click on the top right arrow, then click on add company to submit the company for eBinaa engineers to review.

If you and your family own a 600 m2 land plot or bigger then all the projects listed in eBinaa Design Market will fit in your land, you can filter projects in accordance with your budget requirements.

After selecting your preferred architectural design and making the advance payment, the drawings will take 3 weeks to prepare for submission to the municipality.

Contractors need detailed design drawings approved by the municipality to start the construction of any project.

eBinaa platform allows you to see the project construction costs and filter projects to match your budget for construction.

The best architects in Oman have designed all the details required to complete a successful project, from Interior design, architectural details, structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing, along with the color palletes and material specifications in embedded in the construction contract if signed with eBinaa.

eBinaa services are free of charge for Clients. Companies pay once they are verified and eligible to use the platform and receive their first project from a Client.

Clients need to have a krookie and muncipality approved drawings to start receiving and comparing prices from Contractors on the platform. The National ID card will be required to sign the construction contract.

Its very easy, sign up with your mobile number then select create project > I want to Build > Upload Krookie details > Upload Municipality Approved Drawings, then within 1 week receive prices from Contractors in registered in eBinaa

After receiving prices you will be able to compare the contractor profiles, project prices, and time period to deliver the project. You can view their previous client reviews and contact them directly before selecting a contractor on the platform.

Yes, once you open contractor bids you will be able to invite your own contractors. Also, call the help center to request the contractor to be reviewed for free. We encourage users to invite their contractors to the platform to compare their prices based on the same legal and technical ...

The contractors must bid based on municipality-approved drawings, but if they are not ready, you may use eBinaa construction calculator to help estimate the cost of your project based on your requirements. You may access eBinaa construction calculator after signing up and opening an account using your mobile number only.

To compare prices correctly, because all the contractors submit prices in eBinaa based on a single scope of work, materials, tests, and contract requirements. So, the Client can be confident about the quality promised by every Contractor on eBinaa, the power of technology used to regulate the bidding process.

First compare the projects each contractor is currently working on, the less projects they have the more attention he will give to your project, also compare the contractor’s resources, then compare price. Finally get comfortable with the company owners since they will be the problem solvers when things get difficult.

eBinaa will share a list of reliable consultants available for your project based on the location and project price. Clients can see the number of site visits required for his project and compare consultant profiles and prices. You can also invite your own consultants.

The consultants on eBinaa platform have been qualified by eBinaa and understand the contractual responsibility required by them and the contractor from eBinaa construction contract, so they will better help project stakeholders deliver the project on time and within quality and budget.

eBinaa services are free of charge for Clients. Companies pay once they are verified and eligible to use the platform and receive their first project from a Client.

Sign up as a regular user, then click on the top right arrow, then click on add company to submit the company for eBinaa engineers to review.

Clients create projects on the platform which you may bid for, there is no limit to the number of projects you can bid for, but you are committed to the accept the project within 30-days from bid submission.

As a Design Consultant, you have to participate by submitting a project in accordance to eBinaa Design Guidelines. As a Supervision consultant, you are only invited to projects when selected by the client.

Through eBinaa Construction Contract terms the project stakeholders are protected in addition to the 12 year insurance policy that the client can add to the project.

The project management tool will automatically apply contract penalties on the contractor delays in the project. If Clients and Consultants are also delayed in their assigned activities, they will cancel-out contractor delays in an equivalent amount.

After consultant confirmation of stage completion, the client has 14 days to complete payment processing, any delay beyond that date will allow the contractor an extension of time on the project. Any delay beyond 60-days of consultant approval will allow the contractor to request termination of the contract.

The contractor is responsible to complete works on site in accordance with contract requirements, the consultant is allowed to request reworks for non-compliant works, the consultant is responsible for the quality of approved works in case of failure along with the contractor for 10-year time period post-project handover by law.

If meetings and negotiations between project stakeholders don’t resolve the conflict, then they will be able to request conflict resolution from Oman Arbitration Center, allowing them to resolve conflict and receive a court order within 1 month of raising conflict to Oman Arbitration Center.